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Pet monuments & memorial plaques in loving memory of your beloved pet 

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For many of us a pet is a best friend, part of the family for many years. 

When the need for affection makes itself felt and the company of our own kind is not enough, we look for affection in our pets - a puppy dog, a cat or other similar pet.

Pet monuments
Memorial plaques

We take a pet into our house and home and soon it becomes a member of the family, and enters into the sphere of our feelings giving us love and affection in return.


In the company of our pets we spend soft moments of peace and serenity, and when the sad moment of their death arrives, the pain is heart felt.

To keep the memory of our pet alive, a photoporcelain memorial taken from a photo can help us relive the joyful feelings and atmosphere of our lost companion.

Pet memorials

Additional articles

The memorial products we offer go well beyond monuments and memorials for pets, we produce memorial products for people too.
We invite you to have a look at the various memorials and monuments we offer on our other web site:

Photo porcelain in color, sepia and black and white
Our memorials come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including:

- oval
- round
- scrolls
- rectangular
- dome
- parchment
- book
- photo miniatures for jewelry

76 sizes in all!

Bronze frames (18 different designs from 6 x 8 cm to 18 x 24)

Bronze memorials
A growing sector that we have nurtured and are in a partnership with with one of the most important artistic foundaries in Florence.
Besides the normal production line we also offer personalized
lost wax cast articles all of which are custom designed to taste.

All bronze articles are treated with a special resin which will not stain and lasts a lifetime, keeping the metal surfaces bright & shiny.

- Photo porcelain frames
- Letters
- Bosses
- Flower vases for walls and ground
- Wax lanterns
- Electric lamps for walls and ground
- Solar lamps for ground
- Various accessories
- Crosses and crucifixes
- Plates, shoots & friezes
- High relief articles, busts and statues

White Carrara marble sculpture
We work with a sculpture studio in Carrara where religious statues are produced that are ideal to decorate funeral monuments.
Our craftsmen work sculptures anywhere from 60 - 180 cm and more.
White Carrara marble is among the most famous and prestigious in the world and undoubtedly the best for high quality sculptures.
Throughout the centuries it has been used by the most important sculptors of the world like Michelangelo and Canova.

Religious statues in synthetic marble
These statues are suitable for outdoor placement just like true marble.
Synthetic marble statues are "replicas" of original sculptures and are modern products which use advanced technology, mixing white Carrara marble powder with special binders and resins.

Religious mosaics in Venetian glazes, golds, vitreous pastes and marbles.

Memorial fountains, benches, vases and accessories in Vicenza stone.

For 3 generations since 1924 we have been producing and selecting top quality memorial products to meet your needs and will continue to do so.


Memorial plaques and monuments


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