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Pet Memorial products - Company History

We began the business producing photoceramics in 1924.
Initially the reproduction of photos on porcelain plaques was a painstaking task.
We only produced photoporcelain in black and white or seppia.

Each photoporcelain was a work of art which required precise finishing.
The result was a black and white portrait on porcelain.
Germany and France were the first countries to develop the art of photo reproduction on porcelain.

Starting in 1950 we began producing photoporcelain in color with a system that was used up until 1995.
This method of producing photoporcelain in color was very laborious and required a good deal of experience.
In fact, we reproduced the original photos which were in black and white or in color onto porcelain plaques, but only in black and white.
Later, black and white photoporcelain was colored by hand and baked on one by one.  Each color requires its own temperature.

The colors which were hand-painted onto the porcelain mostly corresponded to the original colors of the photo.
At other times however the colors were painted on to the porcelain according to the desires of the client.

In spite of the hard work dedicated to reproducing the original photos onto porcelain, color photoporcelain did not always resemble the original photos.
The limits of technology back then did not permit results with such precision as today.

In 1995 however, we were among the first to pioneer a new system know as "Imaging technology" here in Europe.
After 3 years of perfecting the technology we were able to develop a system which lent itself to working photoporcelain.
And so, "Four-Color Digital Chrome monument-portraitss" were born.

With the new system, the resemblance of the photoporcelain to the original photo is nearly identical, and our clients are always satisfied with the results.

Other materials such as ceramics and acrylics have been proposed for the photoporcelain market but do not yield satisfactory results.
Since 1924 we have always used plaques made out of real porcelain.

Porcelain is a ceramic product made out of a mixture of kaolin and aluminum silicate, and when placed in an oven at a temperature between 1250 and 1300 it vitrifies and becomes a frosted white material.

The quality of our photoporcelain is guaranteed to stand the test of time.
We use the best materials available and certify our products.
The procedures adopted in the production process have all been tested and certified.

The final controls on the product are constant and result in quality photoporcelain.

  • Quality of material

  • Certification of production process

  • 3 generations of experience

Pet memorial products

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